Cross country unlimited

The cross country center is working closely with its neighbor community Zelezna Ruda. So the tracks and winter hiking trails of both regions can be used cross-border.

The border crossing (identity card) Deffernik/Ferdinandsthal leads directly to the tracks of Zelezna Ruda and the national park Sumava.

History of the Ferdinandsthal at the bohemian border

Where the old bohemian road and the Deffernik, coming from the romantic "Bärnloch", meet, was a little glassblower village on the bohemian side of the border. This former numerous frequented border-crossing from Zwieslerwaldhaus to Böhmisch Eisenstein existed till 1938. In this year the bohemian forest was integrated into the 3rd Reich and so became part of Bavaria. The border-crossing over the Deffernik is on record already since the middle of the 16th century. Ferdinandsthal was founded in 1835 by Ferdinand Abele who built a mirror glass factory there. The village was named after its founder Ferdinandsthal. Since now there can be found colourful pieces of broken glass in the sands of the creek. Since August 26, 1996 the border-crossing is open for hiker and cross country skier. A comfortable walking tour from Zwieslerwaldhaus till Böhmisch Eisenstein lasts about 1 hour.